Hire, Train & Deploy

Hire-Train-Deploy is awidely industry-specific deal that provides customized resources ready to deploy for custom tasks or projects. An HTD we knows the client necessities, shortlists candidates based on the job or project description, and trains the candidates to make them for placement in the organization. An HTD subcontract company aims at satisfying corporate requirements and candidate skills for industry-specific needs.

Why Source Train Hire ?

While there are sufficient further models and processes, why should one use a Source Hire Train Model is accurately a relevant question. The basic answer to this query lies in the multi-dimensional range of benefits that Source Hire Train offers to both the company and the candidates. This discourse in detail as follows-

Focus On Core Competency

Focus on core competency is of the utmost purpose for any business or non-business organization. At the same time, training as a function endures increasing its reputation to an extent that it has become a necessity.

A One Stop Solution

SHT as a training model tracks an in-depth process. It includes an extensive range of events that may or may not be available in other forms of training. All these activities that are a part of the SHT model are well modified with admiration to the client’s necessities and purposes.

Enhanced Responsiveness

In this 21st century, the business atmosphere faces regular challenges in terms of recurrent changes. Under such a scenario, it’s overbearing for the employees to be open to these variations so as to deal with them.

Low Turnover Rate

The maximum turnover rate is expensive for any organization. Frequent leave-taking employees need to be replaced and this happens to be a very time-consuming process. With Source Hire Train, an appropriate set of employees is traced with respect to the demands of the role.

Benefits of Hire, Train & Deploy

Talent acquisition is an extremely serious part of business today, and businesses need to stay in advance of the most recent recruiting tendencies to gain the best talent required. Finding the right candidates from different sources trains them on the particular skill set required by the companies, and deploys them with the clients once the training is over. This way, companies save a lot of time and money and get the resources with the exact skillset and technology for the venture.

Faster resource identification

Hiring the exact resource is a time-consuming job. Fifth Gen-Tech has a ready pool of candidates who have experienced processes like pre-screening, aptitude tests, interviews, etc., and are ready to be positioned.

Effective placement

We guarantee smooth on-boarding and final placement of applicants by taking upkeep of processes like placement offers, salary-related formalities, etc. Since the candidate is properly selected and trained, there are chances that a placement error.


Training the candidates for the exact project needs setting up infrastructure which can give them practical hands-on training. Hire, Train & Deploy service provider has an enthusiastic team and infrastructure to train the human resources on numerous skillsets and advanced technologies.

Better monitoring

Hire, Train & Deploy service provider ensures steady monitoring of the growth of the candidate. There are professionals and coaches who train the candidates and confirm that the candidate’s skill sets are efficient with the latest developments in the business.

Our Insight

  • 01

    Hire Recruitment Agencies

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Directing
  • Controlling
  • 02

    Key consideration

  • Work with the Experts
  • Cost Efficient
  • Access to Global talent pool
  • Global Recruitment Know-How
  • No geographical limits
  • 03

    Contract Staffing Simplified

  • It reduces cost at a great pace
  • Immediate start dates
  • Over-staffing, Avoided
  • Contract-to-hire placements
  • Culture Fit
  • 04

    Recruitment Process

  • RPO Models
  • End-to-End
  • Project RPO
  • Recruiter on demand (ROD)
  • Selective RPO