Recruitment is a method of finding and attracting the possible resources for filling up the available positions in an organization. It sources the applicants with the capabilities and attitude, which are mandatory for completing the aims of an organization. The recruitment process is a process of identifying the job vacancy, analyzing the job requirements, reviewing applications, screening, shortlisting, and selecting the right candidate. We Fifthgen tech assist in carrying out all the recruitment process very efficiently and effectively.

Recruitment Planning

Recruitment planning is the initial step of the recruitment process, where the available positions are studied and defined. It contains job specifications and their nature, experience, qualifications, and skills essential for the job, etc. An organized recruitment plan is mandatory to appeal to potential candidates from a pool of candidates. The possible candidates should be fit, and have experience with the capability to take on the responsibilities required to accomplish the objectives of the organization.

Identifying Vacancy

When a vacancy is identified, it is the duty of the tracing manager to find out whether the position is essential or not, permanent or temporary, full-time or part-time, etc. These limitations should be evaluated before starting recruitment.

Job Analysis

Job analysis supports understanding what tasks are to be performed on an immediate basis and how to perform them. Its resolve is to establish and document the job-relatedness of employment procedures such as selection, training, compensation, and performance appraisal.

Job Description

The job description is the most essential document, which is expressive in nature and holds the final statement of the job analysis. This is very important for an effective recruitment process.

Job Specification

Job specification emphasizes the specifications of the applicant, whom the HR team is going to hire. The first step in job specification is making the list of all jobs in the company. The second step is to create the information about each vacant job.

Interal & External hiring

Internal sources of recruitment denote hiring employees within the organization. In other words, candidates looking for various positions are those who are presently employed with the same organization. External sources of recruitment state hiring employees outside the organization. In other words, the job seeker looking for job opportunities in this case are those who are external to the organization.


Promotion refers to advancement within a team of employees by appraising their performance in the organization. It is the procedure of shifting an employee from a junior position to a sophisticated position with more responsibilities, remuneration, facilities, and status. Many organizations fill the higher vacant positions with the process of promotions, within.


Transfer refers to the method of switching from one job to an alternative without any change in rank and responsibilities. It can also be the changing of employees from one department to another department or one location to another location, depending upon the necessity of the position.

Direct Recruitment

Direct recruitment states to the outside source of recruitment where the recruitment of capable applicants is done by placing a notice of vacancy on the notice board in the organization. This technique of finding is also called factory gate recruitment, as the blue-collar and technical workers are appointed through this process.

Employment Exchanges

As per the law, for certain job vacancies, it is compulsory that the company provides details to the employment exchange. Employment exchange is a government thing, where the pieces of evidence of the job explorers are kept and prearranged to the companies for filling the vacant positions.

Fresher's Recruitment

Candidates who have done with their studies from college or university are fresh and willing to work as freshers may also contact us. Many of the client companies are hiring fresher aspirants into their organizations. We Fifthgen Tech can be bridge for freshers to get their desired dream job.

Our Insight

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    Hire Recruitment Agencies

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Directing
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    Key consideration

  • Work with the Experts
  • Cost Efficient
  • Access to Global talent pool
  • Global Recruitment Know-How
  • No geographical limits
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    Contract Staffing Simplified

  • It reduces cost at a great pace
  • Immediate start dates
  • Over-staffing, Avoided
  • Contract-to-hire placements
  • Culture Fit
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    Recruitment Process

  • RPO Models
  • End-to-End
  • Project RPO
  • Recruiter on demand (ROD)
  • Selective RPO