Robotic Process Automation Training

Robotic Process Automation Training Institute in Noida

Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions is the best Robotic Process Automation Training Institute in Noida. The institute is responsible to give a ray of success to your career. The major purpose of their training is to give a proper learning to Robotic Process Automation.

What is Robot Process Automation?

First of all, you need to know, what is meant by Robotic Process Automation or as simply said, RPA. Robot Process Automation basically involves the software along with the machine learning techniques to handle high numbered repeated tasks that requires a lot of human effort to do. So, with the use of software and Artificial Intelligence, we intend to reduce the human effort and complete the task in lesser time. It is really beneficial in the tasks that require manual inputs and that too repeatedly.

The RPA software has the ability to adjust to the fluctuating circumstances, exceptions and new situations, which makes it different from the traditional IT automation. The use of this software will allow large as well as small scale organizations to perform back-office and middle-office tasks with high speed.

Importance of Robot Process Automation with Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions

The term Robotic Process Automation or simply RPA, is drawing more & more attention nowadays and has put people in a dilemma that whether it is right to use it or not. Given here is an overview of this technology & various benefits related to it and will help you in deciding whether it is the right choice for business or career, or not. Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions is known as the best Robotic Process Automation Training Institute in Delhi NCR that provides a top-notch and skillful training of RPA.

We help you to make the best use of software along with machine learning & artificial intelligence to manage high-volume repetitive tasks is termed as Robotic Process Automation. The introduction of this technology has changed the outmoded way we used to think about the business process and has also resulted in an increase in productivity by accelerating the task that earlier required man force to perform.

Benefits of Robot Process Automation with Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions

  • Better control

It provides better control over different business processes and allows them to mitigate risks and gather more profit.

  • Enhanced revenues

Since the tasks get automated and can be performed faster, which means quick returns and profits.

  • Improved decision making

It provides the ability to collect, store, organize and analyze data that allows business analytics to make better decisions.

  • Cost saving

With the use of this technology, the total operational cost is supposed to be cut down by around 25-50%.

  • IT support & management

The implementation of RPA can help in improving the service desk operations and monitoring of network devices also become easy with this technology.

  • Quality & accuracy

The quality and accuracy of the work will improve with the introduction of Robotic Process Automation as there are no chances of human error.

  • Versatility

It is a highly versatile technology that is applicable in numerous industries and can undertake a wide variety of tasks.

  • Automated tasks

As discussed earlier also, the use of the RPA technology can automate the repetitive tasks and save employees from its boredom.

After looking at all the advantages of this technology, it can be said that RPA has definitely brought innovative solutions for the businesses all around the globe, operating models that adopt automation, and will therefore allow cutting of costs, driving efficiencies and improving quality. And, Fifth Gen Tech Solutions provides the best for it.

Why Fifth Gen Tech Solutions for RPA Training?

As all we know, there are ‘n’ numbers of institute that are Robotic Process Automation Training Institute in Delhi NCR. But, only a few of them provide good results. And, Fifth Gen Tech Solutions is the best institute for RPA Training that provides skilled teachers and huge discounts on enrolment. Also, there are numerous benefits for choosing Fifth Gen Tech Solutions for RPA training that are given below.

Reasons to choose FifthGen Tech Solution for RPA Training:

  • We provide the best RPA training & placement procedure in Delhi, NCR and have the top-notch course sessions and training modules.
  • Our training criterion is intended as per the current scenario of IT market.
  • You can get numerous batches for RPA Training – Regular, Weekend, & customized.
  • We have young, creative, and enthusiastic team of certified trainers having numerous years of industrial experience in the field of RPA.
  • We provide small RPA project training, head RPA project training, live RPA project preparation, placement drives, and interview preparation.
  • You can get a proper lab having all the latest equipment related to RPA Training in Gurgaon.
  • All our students are free to practise in labs anytime.
  • We provide smart classroom facility having projector, air conditioner, Wi-Fi, digital pad, and live rack.
  • There are various sessions for personality development where there are sessions for spoken English, mock interviews, group discussion, and presentation skills.
  • Students can also get study materials such as PDF, videos, sample papers, exam papers, lab guides, and interview questions.
  • We provide a course completion certificate.
  • We also provide ETS (Extra Time Slot) for practicals.
  • Our faculty gives one-on-one attention to every student.
  • There are various payment options like Check, Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, etc.

Faculty Details

We have skilled, experienced and knowledgeable faculty that has up-to-date knowledge of RPA. They are familiar with real world industry applications and modern trends in the world of Robotic Process Automation. Our team wins numerous awards & recognition from various IT organizations. Having numerous years of experience, they are capable to provide an effective training to our students. Our faculty is also connected with many MNCs.

Placement Assistance

Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions has its own placement cell which is working day and night to ensure the associates get assistance in placement after successfully completing the course. We have multiple companies visiting our campus itself to have a face to face interaction with our associates. We have connections with various various leading IT-RPA based organizations such as Accenture, Blueprism, Cognizant, UiPath, Worksoft, Symphonyhq, Automation Anywhere, etc. The companies organize a pre-placement talk where they tell about their company, job profile being provided along with the remuneration details. What today’s world expects from the employees is shared in pre-placement talk.