Uipath Training Institute in Noida

Uipath Training Centre in Noida: Learn and Succeed in a best way!

Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions has started a Uipath training center in Noida Sec-46 near the IT Park. The basic agenda behind this training is to make the aspirants learn Robot Process Automation (RPA).

What is Robot Process Automation?

Robot Process Automation basically involves the software along with the machine learning techniques to handle high numbered repeated tasks that requires a lot of human effort to do. So, with the use of software and Artificial Intelligence, we intend to reduce the human effort and complete the task in lesser time. It is really beneficial in the tasks that require manual inputs and that too repeatedly.

Benefits of Robot Process Automation 

The benefits of Robot Process Automation are as follows:

  • Reduces Cost: As mentioned above, it reduces the manual repeated inputs and thus operational costs go down and increase the throughput.
  • Significant Process Improvements: With the involvement of Artificial Intelligence and Software, there is an improvement in the operations process and also leads to a more efficient operation process.
  • Productivity Increases:  As human dependency decreases with the involvement of Machine learning, and Software, the productivity goes up.
  • Fewer defects in Products: With minimal human intervention and total software and artificial intelligence, the end product is comparatively less defective and is better. 
  • Better Customer Satisfaction:  As the cost decreases and the final products are available with minimal defects, customers are better satisfied and are happy.

In today’s world, around 50 % of companies have already invested in Robot Process Automation and are claiming to achieve their targets well in advance which they had planned a year back in this particular segment. Major IT Companies like Apple, Microsoft have already started to give hands-on training to their employees on Robot Process Automation. Major Manufacturing firms in the world like Boeing, Airbus, Toyota, Benz have already shifted to Robot Process Automation.

Why Fifth Gen Tech Solutions for training?

There are many institutes who are now coming up with Uipath institute in Delhi NCR. They are advertising and giving huge discounts on enrolment for these courses. How Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions stands different from the rest of the institutes who are coming up with the same training courses? The following few points will answer this question:

  • Curriculum: We follow a well written and approved the curriculum for training our professionals. We have different curriculum Role wise for different sections of professionals. Separate Curriculums for Business Analysts, Developers, manufacturers have been developed taking into account their requirements and the needs of the modern-day.
  • Duration: Courses have been designed in such a way that their durations are fixed. Also, we ensure that the duration of these courses is not long.
  • Agenda:  We have specified the agenda and prerequisites for every course and ensure these prerequisites are met before enrolling for the respective course.
  • Faculty: We have a world-class pool of trainers with years of hands-on industrial experience.
  • World-class Infrastructure: The labs are the world-class quality with an independent system for every trainee with genuine licensed software. Smart classrooms are fitted with well-equipped projectors along with digital Pad.
  • Multiple Batches:  We have different and multiple batches available on Regular Days. Weekend Batches are also there for working associates. 
  • Flexible Shifts:  In Case, an associate is not able to attend a particular session due to some reason, he or she has the option to attend the same lecture in some other batch.
  • Study Material:  Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions provide well-recognized study material with lots of practice papers for practicing.
  • Regular Test: Regular tests are conducted after 2 sessions to ensure the concepts are clear.
  • Help Classes: Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions do have the provision of providing Help classes for the associates who require some help or are unable to cope up with the speed of the sessions. These classes are held in private.
  • Paying Guest Facility:  Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions have tie-ups with local paying guest people to ensure the associates from outside Delhi NCR or from far off places don’t find difficulty in residing. 
  • Payment Methods: Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions accepts payments in Cheque, Draft, online transfer or via Credit, Debit Card. No cash is accepted.

Faculty Details

Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions has on-boarded world-class faculty with a minimum of 10 years of Industry experience. All the trainers in the Uipath training institute in Noida are certified and are ready to train the associates with full energy. We do have the option of back up, faculties. In case any faculty is not available due to any reason, we do have the provision, wherein the other faculty would take the session and ensure associates’ efforts and time is not wasted.

Uipath training institute in Gurgaon faculty is supposed to organize a seminar where all the associates are invited. The basic agenda behind this is that knowledge transfer takes place at the central level. Uipath training institute in Gurgaon associate is given marks for attending the seminars. On missing the seminars associates are marked with negative points which will affect the total score of the associate. 


Upon completing the course, Uipath training institute in Noida will be awarded the certificate of completion of the course. The certificate of Fifth Gen-Tech Solution is renowned and has value in the industry.

Placement Assistance

Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions has its own placement cell which is working day and night to ensure the associates get assistance in placement after successfully completing the course. We have multiple companies visiting our campus itself to have a face to face interaction with our associates. The companies organize a pre-placement talk where they tell about their company, job profile being offered along with the remuneration details. What today’s world expects from the employees is shared in pre-placement talk. 

Fifth Gen-Tech Solutions is a renowned name that is discussed when it comes to Robot Process automation and the Uipath institute in Delhi NCR. So, we invite our associates to come, join us and succeed in the world. The world is waiting for you to make history!